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Sun Country offers a variety of food, beverages, and other items for sale on board our aircraft. We offer complimentary beverage service in coach class and a wide range of beverages and freshly prepared hot meals and filling snacks in First Class.

The following credit cards are accepted for other on-board purchases: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note, cash is not accepted.

For more information about items available on board our aircraft, please see below.

Complimentary Items*
Sun Country is pleased to provide complimentary beverage services as listed below:

  • Juices, Coca-Cola products, coffee, and tea

Items for Purchase
A variety of sandwiches, snacks, candy, and premium beverages are available for purchase in coach class:

In-Flight Meal Service**

  • Hot sausage and egg and cheese sandwiches (morning flights)
  • Cheeseburgers featuring Lions Tap "Famous Seasoning" (afternoon and evening flights)

Snacks & Candy**
While options may vary by flight, examples include:

  • Salty - Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® Popcorn, Cheetos®, Pringles® Original and Sour Cream Flavor, Way Better® Snacks Tortilla Chips Sweet Potato and Sweet Chili , Gardetto’s® Original Recipe, Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky Original and Teriyaki
  • Sweet - Kit Kat®, M&M’s® Peanut, Kalamazoo Kettlecorn Buttery Caramel Corn, Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle™ Chocolate Chip, Wiley Wallaby™ Australian Style Red Liquorice, Market Square All Natural Animal Cookies Vanilla
  • Healthy - GoPicnic Gluten-Free Snack Pack, Flitebites™

Premium Beverages**

  • Wine - Sileni Nano Pinot Noir – New Zealand, Sileni Nano Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough – New Zealand, Riondo Prosecco Sparkling Wine - Italy
  • Liquor & Specialty Drinks - Baileys® Irish Cream, Bacardi® Rum, Tanqueray® Gin, Bombay Sapphire® Gin, Captain Morgan® Spiced Rum, Johnnie Walker® Red Label® Scotch, E&J® Brandy, Jack Daniel’s® Whiskey, Jim Beam® Bourbon, Ketel One ® Vodka, Sauza® Gold Tequila
  • Beer - Michelob® Golden Light
  • Handcrafted Beer - Founding Fathers – Light, Lift Bridge – Farm Girl Saison® - Wheat Ale, Lift Bridge – Getaway™ Pilsner, Surly® Hell – Lager, Surly® Furious – American India Pale Ale
  • Other - Red Bull Original

Pillow/Blanket Sets
For passengers looking for a little added comfort, Sun Country offers pillow and blanket sets for purchase in coach class. The sets are complimentary for First Class customers. Containing an inflatable pillow and a soft blanket in a compact tote, these sets are perfect for any traveler.

Sun Country Digital Entertainment Device
Make time fly with a great movie (or two). Enjoy newly released movies, TV shows, cartoons, games, and more with the very latest in personal entertainment. The Sun Country Digital Entertainment Device is complimentary for First Class passengers. Passengers in coach class may rent the device, which is typically available on flights 2 hours or longer. One pair of headphones is complimentary with each device rental.

Sun Country sells headphones on board our flights to coach customers; they are complimentary in First Class. The headphones can be used on most standard portable audio devices.

*Complimentary food and beverage service is on scheduled flights only.
**Food and beverage selections are subject to availability and price changes.

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