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Sun Country accepts the following credit cards for purchases onboard our aircraft: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please note, cash is not accepted.

For more information on items available onboard our aircraft, please see below.

Complimentary Items*
Sun Country is proud to provide complimentary beverage service as listed below:

  • Beverages including juices, Coca-Cola products, coffee and tea

In-Flight Meal Service**

  • Hot Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches (morning flights)
  • Cheeseburgers now featuring Lions Tap "Famous Seasoning" (afternoon and evening flights)

Snacks & Candy**
A variety of snacks & candy are available for purchase onboard our flights. While options may vary by flight, examples include:

  • Twizzlers, Mike and Ikes, and M&M's
  • Pringles, Cheez-It Baked Snack Mix, Beef Jerky and Muffins

Premium Beverages**
While Sun Country provides juices and sodas for free, we also offer premium beverages available for sale onboard our flights. From bottled water to mixed drinks to beer and wine, our flight attendants have just the drink you’re looking for.

Pillow/Blanket Sets
For passengers looking for a little added comfort, Sun Country offers plush pillow and blanket sets. Containing an inflatable pillow and a soft blanket in a compact tote, these sets are perfect for any traveler.

Sun Country sells headphones onboard our flights. The headphones can be used on most standard portable audio devices as well.

*Complimentary food service is on scheduled flights only
**Food and beverage selections are subject to availability and price changes.

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