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Sun Country goes green.
Sun Country is committed not only to preserving but improving the environment for this and future generations. To learn what Sun Country does to reduce it’s carbon footprint and why Sun Country is one of the most environmentally-friendly airlines, see the information below.

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  1. Over 90% of the food served on Sun Country is from Minnesota companies, reducing the carbon footprint of shipping food created elsewhere to serve onboard.
  2. The Boeing 737–800’s Sun Country flies feature the lowest carbon emissions per seat of any aircraft in its size class. On a per-seat basis, these aircraft emit 83% less CO2 when compared to DC–9’s.
  3. Use of de-icing chemical fluids is minimized with technologically advanced ground support equipment and FAA approved procedures.
  4. Sun Country’s highly efficient ground handling minimizes fuel burn while aircraft are serviced between landing and take–off.
  5. Sun Country’s fleet is comprised of current-generation aircraft which results in reduced environment impacts and exemplifies Sun Country’s commitment to a healthy, ‘green’ environment.
  6. Advanced winglets reduce drag resulting in lower fuel burn and improved fuel economy by 4%.
  7. Sun Country’s fuel conservation program is integral to all aspects of operations including eliminating excess weight onboard aircraft, precision flight planning and advanced energy management techniques.
  8. An extensive paper recycling program is in place at Sun Country’s corporate headquarters. Additionally, Sun Country uses email instead of paper for company-wide correspondences and memorandums.
  9. Sun Country is a paperless airline, eliminating waste from printing tickets and mailing itineraries to each passenger.
  10. Sun Country aircraft offer performance and technological benefits vs. older aircraft resulting in significant noise reductions.
  11. The vast majority of Sun Country flights are non-stop, resulting in more fuel-efficient flight profiles when compared to taking off and landing at multiple stops along the route.

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