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The New and Improved Ufly Rewards Program launches January 15, 2013!

Ufly Rewards Program Update
Highlights of the new Ufly program include:

Q. What’s new with Ufly?
A. Pooling!
Pooling allows you and up to 9 other Ufly members to combine or “pool” your points to earn a reward quicker. That’s right. Pooling puts you in control. Now families, friends, co-workers…whoever you decide can easily combine points and earn a free ticket faster!

  • Members can choose to pool all OR a portion of their points.
  • Members may only be part of one pool at any given time.
  • Members do not have to become part of a pool.
  • There is not cost or obligation to be part of a pool.

Q. So, what’s improved?
A. A better way to earn!
Get rewarded for what you spend, not how far you fly. You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on your qualifying ticket and/or upgrade.*

  • Earning is not based on segments traveled.
  • You get more value for every dollar spent.

Q. What can I redeem my points for?
A. Any seat. Any day. Any time.*
Members are not restricted by blackout dates or frustrated with moving redemption targets and point values will not change once published.

  • Points may be redeemed for qualified: one-way tickets, round trip tickets and upgrades.
  • Below is a sample calendar of redemption options for a one-way flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Orlando.**


View our redemption table.

Q. What is my current point total worth in the new program?
A. 1 point today is equal to 300 points in the new program.

  • Example: If you currently have 10 points in your account today, it will be worth 3,000 on January 15.
  • With rewards ranging from 6,500 to 65,000, you’ll be traveling in no time.

Q. What is Ufly ELITE?
A. Ufly ELITE is the premier tier of the Ufly Rewards program.

Travelers who reach a minimum qualification level of airfare and upgrade purchases qualify for ELITE status. ELITE member benefits will include:

  • Priority Check-In*
  • Priority Boarding*
  • Priority Security Screening (where available)*
  • Complimentary First-Class Upgrades (space available)*
  • Two Fee Bags*
  • Free Advanced Seat Selection*
  • Waived Change Fee*
  • Same Day Changes*

Q. Do I have to do anything before the launch?
A. No.
Points will be automatically converted to the new program value on January 15th. Between now and program launch in January 2013, you don’t have to do anything, but we encourage you to:

  • Review your account balance to better understand your current point totals as you consider your upcoming travel plans.
  • Continue to travel on Sun Country and redeem as you need or want.
  • If you are not already a Ufly member, enroll today!

Q. What do I do after the program launches?
A. Continue flying with Sun Country and earn rewards quicker!

  • Active members will be issued a Ufly membership card shortly after program launch, so keep an eye on your mail.
  • Members should keep this card handy. As the program grows, we’ll be activating the code on the back for additional benefits.

The new and improved Ufly Rewards program at-a-glance

Earn 10 points for every $1 spent.* (Example $150 ticket* = 1500 points.)
Trips as low as 6,500 and as high as 65,000.
No Blackouts: Any Seat, Any Day, Any Time.
Keep your points or join a pool of up to 10 people to earn rewards quicker.


Ufly 855-263-UFLY (8359) or Local 651-905-2778

*Points are awarded on base ticket value. Space available. Terms and conditions subject to change.
**Calendar representation for illustrative purposes only.

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