About Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines wasn’t born in a corporate office. Instead, it was started in 1982 by a small group of pilots and flight attendants in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, the very people who love flying.

The small group that once flew for Braniff International were joined by a few area businessmen and MLT vacations, and the company with new Sun Country colors lifted off, quite literally in 1983, with a maiden flight between Sioux Falls and Las Vegas. 

Only a few months later, the world would see the first appearance of the smiley face. Coincidence? Maybe. But the same “can-do” hometown spirit that launched Sun Country still lifts us and our passengers today.

In an industry that’s seen its share of changes, Sun Country Airlines has adapted through the years, opening new routes across the U.S., and taking more vacationers to the tropical beaches of Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Even flying charters to support our troops across the world.

One passion guides every Sun Country employee and every flight — to safely and effectively help people connect with each other, to create memories that matter.