Travel Protection Plan For Flight Only

Prior to Departure

Offers flexibility and allows the insured to cancel their flight for covered reasons and get a refund, for situations such as:

  • Serious injury, illness, medical condition, or death of the insured, traveling companions, or family member
  • Traffic accident on the way to the airport
  • Jury duty, job loss, revocation of military leave, damage to home, etc.

While Traveling

The Sun Country Travel Protection plan offers coverage as follows while traveling:

Covers Examples
Dental Or Medical Emergencies
Of the insured, traveling companions, or family members
  • 24-hour emergency medical and legal assistance
  • Replacement of medications that are lost, stolen, or spoiled
  • Transportation to and/or from hospital
  • Medical services and supplies, prescription drugs, and therapeutic services
  • Money transfer from insured’s funds or from family or friends
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals for one person to join the insured in destination, if they are traveling alone and are hospitalized more than seven days
  • Transportation home for the insured’s dependent children, if children are traveling with them and they are hospitalized  more than seven days or if death occurs
Trip Delay, Interruption, Or Cancellation
  • Transportation for the insured to join their trip due to missed connection
  • Theft of passport or visa, being called for jury duty, job loss or transfer, revocation of military leave, damage to home, etc.
  • Weather which causes Sun Country to stop service in origin or destination for at least 12 consecutive hours
  • The death, covered sickness or injury of the insured, a family member, a traveling companion, traveling companion’s family member, and/or a business partner
  • A delayed arrival due to the above, if it occurs within five days of scheduled departure
Lost, Stolen, Delayed, Or Damaged Luggage
  • Charges or interest incurred due to unauthorized use of credit cards
  • Fees to replace lost, stolen, or damaged passport or visa
Travel/Concierge Assistance Services
  • Restaurant and shopping recommendations and reservations
  • Sporting, theatre, and event ticketing
  • Golf course tee times


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  Travel Protection
All Destinations $25 per traveler*


*If purchasing Travel Protection, all travelers on the booking must purchase Travel Protection.
To file a claim, contact TripMate at 800-888-7292 or visit the

Benefits are underwritten by Arch Insurance Company and administered by TripMate, Inc. For more information on the Certificate of Coverage and FAQ’s on the Sun Country Travel Protection plan, visit the

To cancel your booking, contact your travel agent (if you booked through a travel agent) or contact Sun Country Reservations.