Restricted Content

Sun Country Cargo does not accept the following shipments:

  • Live warm blooded animals
  • Articles of extraordinary value
  • Venomous cold-blooded animals/reptiles
  • Dangerous goods as defined by IATA or the DOT
  • Domestic U.S. shipments exceeding $25,000 in declared value
  • International shipments exceeding $50,000 in declared value
  • Shipments from 'unknown shippers'
  • Bank consignments, without advance arrangements
  • Individual pieces exceeding 250 pounds
  • Dangerous goods (HAZMAT)


Dry Ice 

  • Used as a refrigerant for perishables
  • Shipments with individual pieces containing an excepted quantity (no more than 5.5 pounds per piece) of dry ice are not classified as Dangerous Goods, and therefore are acceptable for carriage
  • Shipments must have the net weight of the dry ice and the name of the contents labeled on the outside of each package
  • Every piece containing dry ice must be packaged to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas and prevent the buildup of pressure that could rupture the package