Value & Service

Sun Country Charters offers outstanding value and service, combining fuel-efficient aircraft, experienced personnel, and excellent customer service on the ground and in the air.

Boeing 737-700s and 737-800s are the most popular and reliable aircraft in the world today — another great reason to choose Sun Country, as 737s are the only planes we fly. We offer more than 30 years of charter experience and our crew, mechanics, and airport staff have an industry reputation of excellence.

Looking Down the Side of a Sun Country Plane

Affordable Pricing

Chartering an entire plane from Sun Country is more affordable than you may think — and always more convenient. Our Boeing 737s not only save fuel and benefit the environment, they save you money. Our dedicated staff will work with you to develop the charter solution that best fits your needs and your budget, as well as helping you customize the flight experience.

Excellent Customer Service

Sun Country's veteran staff is committed to providing the best service for all customers, whether you are flying with us, or are the one making all the arrangements. School groups, national sports teams, and the U.S. Military have all chosen Sun Country Airlines for their charter needs and for the unique combination of service and value that only Sun Country can offer.

Customizable Service

Sun Country can offer you and your group a truly customizable charter experience. While onboard one of our modern planes, you can have just about anything arranged: a custom menu, in-flight entertainment, or other special services.

Lunch is Served On-Board a Sun Country Plane

Catering Flexibility

Sun Country is unique as it has its own in-house catering division responsible for meeting and exceeding your in-flight catering needs. Having our own in-house catering division allows you to choose from a wide variety of selections from our existing menu or you can customize your meals and beverages, according to the group’s preferences or dietary needs.

Passenger Enjoying a Drink and Watching a Digital Entertainment Device

High-Quality In-Flight Entertainment

Experience the highest quality of handheld in-flight entertainment with a state-of-the art, Sun Country digital entertainment device, offering more than 200 hours of the latest movies, TV shows, music, and games — all at the touch of a finger. Or, if you wish, you can arrange your own, live, onboard entertainment!

Flight Attendants on the Stairs Boarding a Sun Country Plane

Special Touches

What other special needs or desires do you have for your private flight? We can make it happen. From special music played onboard, custom announcements, or handing out gift bags, Sun Country staff and crew are focused on providing a completely customized experience for every client. Flight attendants have worn sports team jerseys as uniforms, cup and plates have been labeled with corporate logos, and even an in-flight concert with internationally known musicians has been staged onboard our flights!

Group of Travelers Enjoying a Meal Together

Group Travel

Have a group, but don't need an entire plane? Sun Country Airlines offers affordable group options for groups of 10+ people traveling together.

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