Liberia, Costa Rica

Costa Rica touches both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean with a bounty of natural and animal wonders in between, which results in being one of the richest countries in the world when measured in the number of plant and animal species. From hammerhead sharks, humpback whales, and marine turtles in the water, plus 400 species of birds and just as many amphibians, reptiles, and mammals in the air and on land, Costa Rica is an animal lovers’ dream. Nature lovers are rewarded as well, with verdant rainforests, mesmerizing volcanoes, and picturesque hiking trails. 

In addition to the unique flora and fauna of Costa Rica, the country also has beautiful and immaculate beaches. In order to keep the beaches untarnished, the country implemented the Blue Flag Ecological Program more than 10 years ago, which has government agencies and local communities working together to improve and protect the nation’s beaches.

Sun Country Airlines offers flights into Liberia, Costa Rica, located in the northwest and nearest the Guanacaste vacation region. Flights to Liberia are seasonal, offered December - April via Minneapolis/St. Paul (dates may vary).

Why Go To Costa Rica

With pristine beaches and stunning natural beauty, a vacation to Costa Rica offers a full range of experiences including sun bathing on a semi-secluded beach, hiking and ziplining through the rainforest, soaking your cares away in a mountainside hot spring, and surfing, diving, kayaking, and rafting in the area’s rivers and waters. The options are seemingly endless and perfect for those who like a more active vacation or want to split their time between laid-back and all-out.

Who Should Go


Costa Rica offers the best of both vacation styles — beach bumming one day and thrilling adventure the next — perfect for couples who love both or where one wants to relax and the other is more active. 

Active Travelers

Hike in a rainforest, soar through the trees on a zipline, go rafting and kayaking, surf the waves, and soak in hot springs in the shadow of a volcano.

Animal Lovers

Bird watchers will delight at having the chance to spot 400 species of birds, including the Scarlet Macaw, one of the most beautiful birds in the American tropics. Another thrill is to watch humpback whales breach the surface of the Pacific. Costa Rica is also home to the nesting beaches of five of the world’s seven different species of marine turtles. 

Blue and Gold macaw birds sitting together

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Arenal Hanging Bridges Park of Costa Rica

Adventure awaits across the hanging bridge

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