Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is undeniably one of the world's natural wonders and Anchorage is where it all begins. South of Anchorage is the Kenai Peninsula where you can witness a microcosm of all that Alaska has to offer — great glaciers, stunning fjords, verdant forests, beautiful mountains, quaint fishing villages, and fish-filled rivers — all within a day's drive. To the north is the great Denali National Park, home to North America's highest mountain and more than six million acres of protected wilderness and wildlife. Along Alaska's coastline you can go on a whale-watching expedition, cruise through the numerous islands, or (from a safe distance) watch a tidewater glacier crash into the ocean. On land, hike amidst amazing forests, through a wide-open valley, up to a waterfall, along a glacial river, or simply relax, being amazed at all of your surroundings.

Anchorage flights are seasonal. Dates vary.

Why Go To Anchorage

For lovers of the great outdoors, unspoiled wilderness, fantastic fishing, and seeing animals in their native habitat, there is no greater destination than Alaska, with Anchorage being the gateway to all of this grandeur. Anchorage is a modern city with every amenity, but most visitors use the city as an arrival point or a place to stock up for their great Alaskan adventure.

Who Should Go

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Alaska offers one of the best outdoor experiences in the world. From hiking through pristine forests, kayaking along glaciers, or going on a whale-watching expedition, each turn provides a postcard-perfect view. 

Hunters & Fishers

Fishing for salmon and trout and hunting for big game are top reasons for many to visit Alaska. 

Families or Couples

Tour Denali National Park and Reserve or spend a week exploring the Kenai Peninsula, including the charming towns of Seward and Homer. 

Hikers Enjoying the View

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Humpback Whale Flank

Whale watching

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