Honolulu, Hawaii

As the biggest city in the state of Hawaii, and home to world-famous Waikiki Beach and iconic Diamond Head, Honolulu has long attracted visitors from around the world and rightly lives up to its name “The Gathering Place.” In addition to a gathering place for people, Honolulu is also a gathering of cultures, effortlessly fusing East and West, cosmopolitan city and surfing village – all adding up to the perfect locale for a perfect getaway. The main tourist area is Waikiki Beach, home to the majority of hotels, resorts, shopping, and restaurants.

Flights to Honolulu are seasonal, dates may vary.

Why Go To Honolulu

Near perfect year-round weather, stunning tropical beauty, laid-back beach vibe along with bustling city life, an endless array of outdoor adventures  — and all with the familiarity of traveling in the U.S. — make a vacation to Honolulu easy to say yes to. And, if you need more beauty and more adventure, explore the rest of the island of Oahu. Easily done in a day or two with a rental car, you can explore the smaller towns, world-famous surfing beaches, snorkeling paradises, and hidden gems of the entire island. 

Who Should Go


Nothing says romance like dinner outdoors with ambient light provided by tiki torches while admiring the Hawaiian sunset, enjoying a Mai Tai, and listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean.  


Not just mom, dad, and the kids, but bring along grandma and grandpa, too! Honolulu has something for everyone, so it is perfect for a multi-generational vacation.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Sure you can sit on the beach. But try paddleboarding, learn how to surf, discover a waterfall, snorkel among thousands of multicolored tropical fish, and hike to the crater of an extinct volcano.

Friends on a sailboat on the ocean

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Manana islet on the east side of Oahu

Mañana Islet on the east side of Oahu

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