Delayed, Damaged & Lost Luggage

Making sure your property is handled properly is important to us. Despite our best efforts, sometimes baggage may be delayed or damaged. If your baggage gets delayed or lost, we will work to return it to you as soon as possible. If it is damaged in transit, we will help you repair it under some circumstances.

Lost & Found

See our Lost & Found page, for details on how to report missing non-luggage items.

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Delayed Luggage

Most missing bags are found within the first 24 to 48 hours after your flight. A report should be made in-person at the baggage claim office, within 24 hours of  your arrival. Failure to report baggage mishandling of any type will result in a denial of compensation.

Good To Know

If you did not file a report at the airport, you will need to call the Sun Country Airlines Baggage Service office at 888-359-5586, option 1, within 24 hours of arrival. If your itinerary contained flights outside of the United States, please call within seven days of arrival.

Damaged Luggage

Claims for damage must be filed prior to leaving the airport, or a claim may be filed as a Courtesy Claim within 24 hours of arrival. A Sun Country Airlines Baggage Service Agent must see the damage so damage can be assessed properly and liability determined. 

Please understand that while we will do all that we can to assist, Sun Country Airlines is not liable for the following: normal wear and tear, including scratches, small dents, rips, tears, and/or dirt; for baggage carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft, or damage to items contained in a bag that was not suitably packed. 

Lost Luggage

If it has been more than five days since the irregularity occurred, and you filed a report at the airport of arrival, our Central Baggage Service office will handle your claim. If you wish to check the status of your claim, please contact Baggage Services at 888-359-5586, option 2.

Good To Know

It is important to retain copies of your ticket, baggage claim check, and any receipts you may have for expenses incurred relating to your claim.

Passport and wallet on tray

Lost & Found

Sun Country Airlines understandas that every lost item is very important to each individual, and undertakes an exhaustive search to locate every item reported missing.


Packing Luggage for Vacation

Baggage Policies

Questions about baggage fees?

Review our baggage policies for information about getting the first bag free or save time with the convenience of paying for your checked baggage online.