Delayed, Damaged & Lost Baggage

Baggage handling is important to us. Despite our best efforts, sometimes baggage may be delayed or damaged. If baggage does gets delayed or lost, we will work to return it to the owner as soon as possible. If it is damaged in transit, we will work with the owner to resolve any claims.

Delayed Baggage

Most missing bags are found within the first 24-48 hours after the flight. A report should be made in-person at the baggage claim office, within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to report delayed baggage within that time frame may result in a denial of compensation. If you were not able to file a claim with an agent at the airport, click here.

Damaged Baggage or Missing Items

Claims for damage must be filed prior to leaving the airport, so a Sun Country Airlines Baggage Service Agent is able to see and properly assess the damage and liability.

Please understand that while we will do all that we can to assist, Sun Country Airlines is not liable for the following: normal wear and tear, including scratches, small dents, rips, tears, and/or dirt; damage to baggage carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft; or damage to items contained in a bag that was not suitably packed or over-packed. To file a claim for damage to personal luggage or missing items, click here.

Items Left Onboard

If you believe you have left an item onboard an aircraft, please complete the form and provide contact information by clicking here.

Good To Know

It is important to retain copies of your ticket, baggage claim check, and any receipts you may have for expenses incurred related to your claim. Original receipts may be required.