Carry-On Baggage

Our carry-on policy provides each ticketed passenger the following allowance at no additional charge:

  • One carry-on bag per passenger. This bag must:
    • Not exceed 24 inches long x 16 inches wide x 11 inches tall (including wheels, handles, etc.)
    • Not exceed 35 pounds in weight
    • Fit within the sizer box at the gate
  • One smaller personal item (e.g., purse, laptop, etc.). This item must:
    • Not exceed 16 inches long x 11 inches wide x 9 inches tall
    • Be able to be stowed under the seat in front of the passenger


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued an emergency order that bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from commercial air transport effective at 12N Eastern Time on October 15, 2016.

Per DOT instruction, if passengers attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices, they will be denied boarding. Sun Country Airlines customers should comply with DOT guidelines by not traveling with this device in any form, whether on their person, in a carry-on bag, in a checked bag or shipped as cargo.

The U.S. DOT has provided additional information about the ban on their website.

3-1-1 Policy:

Passengers can transport liquids, gels, lotions, or similar items through the security checkpoint if each item is less than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) and all items fit into a transparent one quart (one liter) plastic bag. The contents must fit completely in the plastic bag and will be subjected to x-ray inspection separate from the passenger’s carry-on bag.

Passengers may also have the following items in their carry-on baggage, but must declare them to TSA at the screening checkpoint. 

  • Baby formula/milk (including breast milk), juice, and baby food in containers if a baby or small child is traveling.
  • Medications in the form of liquid, gel, or aerosol.
  • Liquids (including juice) or gels for diabetic or medical needs.

For questions, visit the TSA liquids rule.

3-1-1 Policy Security Checkpoint

Good To Know

  • Each carry-on item must fit within the sizer box at the gate. If an item does not fit, it is the passenger's responsibility to pay the appropriate checked baggage fee.
  • Overhead storage onboard each aircraft is limited. Once the aircraft bins have reached capacity, remaining qualified carry-on sized bags will be tagged and travel as checked baggage. All checked bags can be retrieved at the designated Baggage Claim Area.
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Baggage Policies

Questions about baggage fees?

Review our baggage policies for information about getting the first bag free or save time with the convenience of paying for your checked baggage online.


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