Lost & Found

Sun Country Airlines understands that every lost item is very important and will complete an exhaustive search to locate every item reported missing. Please be assured that we take each inquiry seriously and will make every effort to locate and return all missing items.

For Items Left at the Airport

If an item was left behind at the ticket counter, gate, or in the terminal, please contact the Lost and Found department at the specific airport where the item was left.

For Items Left at a TSA security checkpoint

Please contact the TSA at 866-289-9673 or via the TSA website.

For Items Left Onboard

Sun Country Airlines makes every effort to return articles left onboard our aircraft. If you believe an item was left onboard a Sun Country Aircraft, please contact the Sun Country Representative at the Baggage Carousel of your arriving flight.  Please provide them with the description and your contact information.

Good To Know

  • Military IDs will be sent to the Department of the Navy, NAS-JRB ID Office. This department will then facilitate the return to the various military branches.
  • Passports will be sent to the U.S. Department of State, Passport Services, Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section.
  • All other personal documents that we are unable to return will be destroyed.
  • Once all efforts have been exhausted to find the owner of a particular item, the item will be salvaged and all proceeds will be donated to charity.
Baggage on Carousel

Baggage Services

Making sure your property is handled properly is important to us. Learn what to do in the event your luggage be delayed, damaged or lost.


Packing Luggage for Vacation

Baggage Policies

Questions about baggage fees?

Review our baggage policies for information about getting the first bag free or save time with the convenience of paying for your checked baggage online.