Special Items

Baggage comes in all shapes and sizes. Sun Country can help passengers accommodate traveling with a pet, medical equipment, sporting equipment, and more. Check out our policies for these special items:

For additional information about special items, please visit the following pages:

TSA Prohibited Items — www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring
FAA’s Pack Safe — www.faa.gov/about/initiatives/hazmat_safety
DOT’s Safe Travel — phmsa.dot.gov/safetravel/batteries

Close Up of a Wheelchair

Mobility & Medical Equipment

Mobility devices and medical equipment needed by travelers are not counted as additional carry-ons and must be stored in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations.

Kid Asleep in Carseat

Car Seats and Strollers

FAA-approved child restraint systems (car seats) are only permitted to be used onboard when a ticket is purchased for the child and must be FAA-approved. No booster seats are allowed onboard. Car seats and strollers may be checked at the ticket counter or at the gate for no additional charge. 


Lithium Batteries

Sun Country allows the following lithium batteries as long as the type of battery and watt hours (WH) can be determined and the battery is protected from damage and unintentional activation.

  • Small Lithium-Ion Battery (Less than 100 WH)
  • Medium Lithium-Ion Battery (More than 100 WH but less than 160 WH)
  • Lithium Metal Battery (Less than 2 grams per battery)

Examples of items powered by lithium batteries include watches, calculators, cameras, cell phones, laptops, camcorders, hearing aids, tablets, etc.

Non-Spillable Batteries

  • Each battery must not exceed a voltage greater than 12 volts or 100 watt hours.
  • No more than two individually protected spare batteries may be carried.

Spare Batteries

  • Spare batteries are accepted under the following conditions:
    • Spare lithium batteries must be in carry-on baggage only.
    • Spare non-spillable batteries may be carried in either checked or carry-on baggage.
    • Batteries must be protected from damage to prevent crushing, puncturing, or putting a high degree of pressure on the battery, as this can cause an internal short-circuit, resulting in overheating.
    • Battery terminals must be protected from short circuits.
    • If original packaging is not available, effectively insulate battery terminals by isolating spare batteries from contact with other batteries and metal.
    • Place each battery in its own protective case or package.
    • Place tape across the battery’s contacts to isolate terminals to avoid short-circuiting.
    • Do not permit a loose battery to come in contact with metal objects, such as coins, keys, or jewelry.
  • Maximum of two medium spare lithium ion batteries not exceeding 160 WH (carry on only).
  • Maximum of two spare non-spillable batteries, not exceeding 12 volts or 100 WH.

Fuel Cell System

Fuel cell systems and spare fuel cartridges powering portable electronic devices may be transported for personal use under the following conditions:

  • Fuel cell systems containing fuel and fuel cell cartridges, including spare cartridges are permitted in carry-on baggage only.
  • Maximum of two spare fuel cell cartridges.
  • Maximum quantity of fuel in any fuel cell cartridge may not exceed:
    • 200 ml (6.76 oz) for liquids
    • 120 ml (4 oz) for liquefied gases in non-metallic fuel cell cartridges or 200 ml (6.76 oz) for liquefied gases in metal fuel cell cartridges
    • 200 g (7 oz) for solids
    • 120 ml (4 oz) water capacity for hydrogen in metal hydrate
  • Refueling of fuel systems is not permitted, except that the installation of a spare cartridge is allowed.
  • Fuel cell systems must be durably marked with a manufacture’s certification that conforms to the specification of the system and the following wording: “APPROVED FOR CARRIAGE IN AIRCRAFT CABIN ONLY.”
  • Fuel cell cartridge must be marked with maximum quantity and type of fuel in the cartridge.
  • Fuel cell systems for which the sole function is to charge a battery in the device are not permitted.
  • Fuel cell systems must be of a type that will not charge batteries when the consumer electronic device is not in use.
  • Examples of items powered by fuel cell systems: cameras, cell phones, laptop computers and camcorders.

Spillable Batteries

Spillable batteries may only be transported for the powering of mobility devices.

*See Mobility Devices section for more information.

Portable Electronic Devices (PED)

  • Personal portable electronic devices containing batteries can be transported in checked or carry-on baggage.
    • When possible, devices should be transported in carry-on baggage. When that is not possible, devices should be completely powered down to the OFF position, protected from accidental activation, and packed so they are protected from damage.
  • Transportation criteria include:
    • Battery type and WH are within acceptable limits (see appropriate battery type limitations).
    • There is a means to prevent unintentional activation of the PED during flight.
  • Common PED examples include watches, cameras, camcorders, video cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, portable oxygen concentrators (POC), sleep apnea monitors (CPAP and BiPAP), automatic external defibrillators, etc.
  • Effective January 19th 2018, smart luggage with non-removable batteries will not be allowed on Sun Country flights.
    • Smart luggage will be allowed as carry-on if it meets the size and battery limits. The battery must also be removable.
    • Smart luggage can be checked only if the battery is removed and carried in the cabin.

Note: Power banks/secondary charging devices must be transported in carry-on baggage only. Batteries integrated in a bag, also known as “smart luggage,” must be transported as carry-on baggage only, unless the batteries integrated in the bag are removable and will be carried in the cabin.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may be transported under the following conditions:

  • Alcohol content does not contain more than 70% (140 proof) by volume.
  • Packaging must be in original, unopened retail packaging.
  • Maximum of five liters of alcohol per person for beverages with alcohol content between 24% (48 proof) and 70% (140 proof).
  • Alcoholic beverages containing less than 24% (48 proof) alcohol content is not restricted (this includes most beers and wines).
  • TSA rules still apply for all carry-on and checked baggage limits for liquids.
Dog and Owner

Traveling with Pets

Sun Country is pet friendly and accepts cats and dogs as carry-on baggage on select flights within the 48 contiguous United States. 

Frozen Items

General Tips

  • Have containers packaged and sealed before getting to the airport.
  • Avoid additional baggage charges by keeping containers under 50 pounds; items more than 100 pounds are not accepted.
  • Label each container with your name, address, and the contents.
  • Make certain your labels will stay on the containers during the trip. Some stickers may slide off cool or wet packages.

What To Use

  • Strapping or plastic tape (a minimum of two bands around the entire package)
  • Plastic coolers or fish boxes lined with a polyethylene bag
  • Dry ice (up to 5.5 pounds; container must be vented). Dry ice is accepted as a refrigerant for the contents of a checked bag only. Dry ice is not allowed in carry-on baggage.

Do Not Use

  • Duct Tape
  • Styrofoam boxes
  • Wet ice

Firearms & Ammunition

Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer’s original container or equivalent which provides for sufficient cartridge separation. It may be carried in the firearms case. Up to 11 pounds of ammunition (any number of rounds) will be accepted for transport.

In accordance with federal law, all firearms must be unloaded, and the transporting passenger must sign a “Firearms Unloaded” declaration affirming that the firearm is unloaded. The declaration form will then be placed inside the container by the passenger and witnessed by a Sun Country representative. The baggage will be locked at the time of acceptance, with the key or lock combination retained in the passenger’s custody. This must be done each time firearms are checked as baggage.

The information shown below pertains to travel within the United States only (unless stated otherwise). Passengers must obtain and comply with regulations governing the transportation of firearms for all countries on the itinerary. Traveling with firearms or ammunition on international flights is strictly prohibited.

  • Maximum per case is three rifles/shotguns or five pistols/revolvers, shooting mat, noise suppressors, and tools. There is no limit on the number of cases allowed.
  • Ammunition is limited to 11 pounds total per passenger. Excess baggage charges will apply to each gun case if it is in additional/excess of the standard baggage requirements and/or oversize/overweight.
  • Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer’s original container or equivalent which provides for sufficient cartridge separation. It may be carried in the firearms case.
  • Passengers will present firearms and ammunition to TSA for inspection after airline tags item.
Group Playing Paintball

Paintball Guns and Equipment

  • Paintball guns are prohibited in carry-on luggage by federal regulations and must be packed in unlocked, soft or hard sided checked luggage.
  • Compressed gas cylinders may be carried in checked or carry-on baggage only if the regulator valve is completely disconnected from the cylinder and the cylinder is no longer sealed (i.e., the cylinder has an open end).
  • Cylinders must have an opening to allow for a visual inspection to ensure that there are no prohibited items inside.
  • If the cylinder is sealed (i.e., the regulator valve is still attached), the cylinder is prohibited and not permitted.

Good To Know

  • Firearms and ammunition are accepted as checked baggage only.
  • All firearms must be unloaded with the action, slide, or bolt open where applicable.
  • All firearms must be declared at the airport check-in counter.
  • Firearms will only be accepted in a hard sided locked container (e.g., rifle case).
  • Ammunition must be packed in its original packaging or case specifically designed for ammunition. Loose ammunition or ammunition loaded in magazines or speed loaders will not be accepted.
  • Ammunition may be placed inside of the locked case providing it is packed as stated above.
  • No one under 18 years of age may check a firearm unless they provide proof of firearm safety training.
  • Pellet and BB guns are treated the same as other firearms and require the same handling.
  • Sun Country Airlines employees will not handle firearms.
  • No exterior tag or description of contents noting firearm may appear on any case.
  • All cases must be locked and only the passenger may retain the key or combination. 
  • Cases for long guns and rifles with locks in the middle may not sufficiently secure the firearm, especially if the end can be pried open. More than one lock may be needed to secure the entire case. Sun Country does not provide locks. 

For additional information about traveling with firearms and ammunition, visit the TSA website.

Group of Bikers Riding along the Shore

Sporting Equipment

Select sporting equipment can be substituted for one checked bag while other equipment may require an extra baggage fee. 

Sporting Equipment as Checked Baggage

One item of the following sporting equipment may be substituted for one of your checked baggage. For the items listed below, multiple items count as one item of luggage and are subject to baggage fees. Items in excess of the stated allowances will be subject to additional fees.

  • Skiing Equipment — One item of skiing equipment consists of: one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski bindings, and one pair of ski boots; or one snowboard, one set of bindings, and one pair of boots. A maximum of two pairs of skis per bag will be allowed. Skis and snowboards can be up to six feet in length. Note: Items in excess of the allowance will be subject to excess baggage charges for a single piece, whether or not presented as a single piece.
  • Bowling Equipment — One item of bowling equipment consists of: one bowling ball, one bowling bag, and one pair of bowling shoes. Note: Items in excess of allowances will be subject to charges.
  • Hockey Equipment — One hockey bag with up to five sticks bound together.
  • Fishing Equipment — One item of fishing equipment consists of: two rods up to six feet in length, two reels, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots (properly encased), and one fishing tackle box. Note: A fishing tube will be accepted as carry-on under the same guidelines as all other carry-on items. Effective for bookings made on or after October 25, 2017, carry-on bag fees will apply. The tube must fit within current carry-on size restrictions and may not exceed any of the following dimensions: 24” long x 16” wide x 11” tall or 114 cm (56cm x 35cm x 23cm). You may want to pack your fishing pole in a checked bag (fees apply) or make alternate shipping arrangements.
  • Golfing Equipment — One item of golfing equipment consists of: one golf bag, golf clubs, and one pair of golf shoes. A hard-sided case is recommended.
  • Lacrosse Equipment — One lacrosse bag with up to two sticks bound together.

Sport bags (baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, bowling, golf, dance, etc.) are considered baggage and are subject to normal baggage fees.

Sporting Equipment as Extra Baggage

The following sporting equipment will not be counted as a piece of your checked baggage allowance and require additional fees.

  • Scuba-Diving Equipment — One item of scuba diving equipment consists of: one regulator, one pressure gauge, one mask, two fins, one snorkel, one knife, one spear gun and one BC-vest (cannot contain air cartridges). The charge is $75 on all flights. These items must be placed in a container that prevents damage to the equipment. Like all passenger airlines, Sun Country is prohibited from transporting scuba diving tanks, even if they are empty.
  • Surfboard, Wakeboard & Kiteboards — The charge for one surfboard checked as baggage is $75 on all flights. The maximum length is five feet.
  • Windsurfing Equipment — One item of windsurfing equipment consists of: one windsurfing board with a wooden boom, one mast with a maximum length of five feet, and one sail. The charge is $75 on all flights.
  • Bicycles — Sun Country will accept non-motorized touring or racing bicycles with single seats. Bicycles must have the handlebars fixed sideways and the pedals removed, be placed in a cardboard container, or have the pedals and handlebars encased in plastic foam or similar material. The charge is $75 per bicycle on all flights.
  • Antlers — Online transport of antlers, free of residue, skull wrapped, and tips protected, are accepted and subject to aircraft load conditions. The charge is $75 on all flights. Under no circumstances will Sun Country Airlines assume liability for antlers.
  • Trailer Hitches — The charge for one trailer hitch checked as baggage is $75 on all flights. Trailer hitches need to be wrapped or packaged properly to avoid damage.

Sun Country does not provide bags or boxes for items listed above. If you have questions, please call Sun Country Reservations at 651-905-2737 (Daily, 6am-11pm CT).

Musical Instruments

Musicians may carry-on one smaller-sized instrument case as long as the instrument case fits easily in the Sun Country sizer box or there is room to stow the instrument in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger. If instruments cannot be properly stowed, they must be checked as baggage. Carry-on bag fees apply.

For larger instruments (e.g., cellos, tubas, guitars, etc.) that cannot be stowed overhead or beneath a seat, musicians can purchase a ticket (including a seat assignment) for the instrument. Please note:

  • The instrument must be in a case or completely covered in order to prevent injury to passengers.
  • The instrument must weigh 100 pounds or less.
  • Musical instruments must be secured properly in a passenger seat directly behind a full bulkhead divider. A qualifying cabin must have a bulkhead in front of the seat. (Note: not all Sun Country aircraft are equipped with a qualifying cabin bulkhead). 
  • The case must not contain a prohibited item.

Checked as Baggage

Checked instruments are subject to Sun Country baggage rules and fees. Due to the fragile nature of musical instruments, instruments are checked as limited liability items.

Wedding Dress on the Beach

Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses and suits/garment bags will be accepted as carry-on under the same guidelines as all other carry-on items. Wedding dresses must be packaged to fit within carry-on size restrictions

Packing Luggage for Vacation

Baggage Fee Policies

Questions about baggage fees?

Review our baggage policies for information about getting the first bag free and save time with the convenience of paying for your checked baggage online.


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