Special Items

Baggage comes in all shapes and sizes and Sun Country can help passengers accommodate traveling with a pet, medical equipment, sporting equipment, and more. Check out our policies for these special items:

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Mobility and Medical Equipment

Mobility devices and medical equipment needed by travelers are not counted as additional carry-ons and must be stored in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations.

Kid Asleep in Carseat

Car Seats and Strollers

FAA-approved Child restraint systems (car seats) are only permitted to be used onboard when a ticket is purchased for the child and must be FAA-approved, No booster seats are allowed onboard. Car seats and strollers may be checked at the ticket counter or at the gate for no additional charge. 

Dog and Owner

Traveling with Pets

Sun Country is pet friendly, and accepts cats and dogs as carry-on or checked baggage on select flights within the 48 contiguous United States. 

Wedding Dress on the Beach

Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses and suits/garment bags will be accepted as carry-on under the same guidelines as all other carry-on items. Wedding dresses must be packaged to fit within carry-on size restrictions

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Sporting Equipment

Select sporting equipment can be substituted for one checked bag while some equipment may require an extra baggage fee. View complete list of accepted sporting equipment.

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Firearms & Ammunition

Ammunition must be packed in the manufacturer’s original container or equivalent which provides for sufficient cartridge separation. It may be carried in the firearms case. Up to 11 pounds of ammunition (any number of rounds) will be accepted for transport. Review all firearms and ammunition policies.

Musical Instruments

Musicians may carry-on one smaller-sized instrument case as long as the instrument case fits easily in the Sun Country sizer box, or there is room to stow the instrument in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger. If instruments cannot be properly stowed, they must be checked as baggage.

For larger instruments (e.g., cellos, tubas, guitars, etc.) that cannot be stowed overhead or beneath a seat, musicians can purchase a ticket (including a seat assignment) for the instrument. Please note:

  • The instrument must be in a case or completely covered in order to prevent injury to passengers.
  • The instrument must weigh 100 pounds or less.
  • Musical instruments must be secured properly in a passenger seat directly behind a full bulkhead divider.  A qualifying cabin must have a bulkhead in front of the seat. (Note: not all Sun Country aircraft are equipped with a qualifying cabin bulkhead). 
  • The case must not contain a prohibited item.

Effective for bookings made on or after October 25, 2017, for travel on or after January 19, 2018, carry-on bag fees will apply.

Checked As Baggage

Checked instruments are subject to Sun Country baggage rules and fees. Due to the fragile nature of musical instruments, instruments are checked as limited liability items.

Shipping Seafood & Frozen Items

General Tips

  • Have containers packaged and sealed before getting to the airport
  • Avoid additional baggage charges by keeping containers under 50 pounds; items over 100 pounds are not accepted
  • Label each container with your name, address, and the contents
  • Make certain your labels will stay on the containers during the trip. Some stickers may slide off of cool or wet packages.

What To Use

  • Strapping or plastic tape (a minimum of two bands around the entire package)
  • Plastic coolers or fish boxes lined with a polyethylene bag
  • Dry ice (up to 5.5 pounds; container must be vented). Dry ice is accepted as a refrigerant for the contents of a checked bag only. Dry ice is not allowed in carry-on baggage.

Do Not Use

  • Duct Tape
  • Styrofoam boxes
  • Wet ice
Packing Luggage for Vacation

Baggage Fee Policies

Questions about baggage fees?

Review our baggage policies for information about getting the first bag free and save time with the convenience of paying for your checked baggage online.


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Baggage Services

Making sure your property is handled properly is important to us. To make a report, contact our Baggage Services 

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