Sun Country Fleet Information

As part of Sun Country's commitment to a healthy environment, our fleet is comprised of current-generation aircraft, resulting in maximum fuel efficiency, decreased noise, and reduced environmental impact. The 737NG is the most environmentally friendly and has the lowest carbon emissions per seat of any aircraft in its class. In addition, Sun Country's aircraft offer a great experience from comfortable seats to in-flight amenities including optional movies, TV shows, and games. 

Aircraft Information

Aircraft Type 737-800 737-700
Number of Engines 2 2
Engine Type CFM56-7B27 CFM56-7B22
Engine Manufacturer GE/Snecma GE/Snecma
Wingspan 112'7" 112'7"
Length 129'6" 110'4"
Height 41'2" 41'2"
Coach Class (3x3 Seating) 147-156 Seats 114-117 Seats
Coach Class (Rear Lavatory)  2 1
Coach Class Seat Pitch 29"-35" 31"-32"
Coach Class Seat Width Narrowest: 16.1"
Widest: 17.3"
Narrowest: 16.1"
Widest: 17.2"
Total Seats 159-168 126-129
Maximum Cruise Speed 530mph 530mph
Maximum Range 2,600 Nautical Miles
(3,000 SM)
2,600 Nautical Miles
(3,000 SM)