Mobility Devices

Some portable items such as walkers and canes may be stored in the aircraft cabin as long as they do not impede access to emergency exits or protrude into the aisle. If possible, these items should be stowed in a closet or overhead bin according to Sun Country carry-on baggage requirements. Sun Country representatives will make determinations and assist with stowing or checking these items. These items are not considered as part of the carry-on baggage limit.

Close Up of a Wheelchair

Checking Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs may be checked at the ticket counter or the gate free of charge. Powered equipment requiring disassembly to board should be checked to ensure proper handling. Customers are welcome to use Sun Country's wheelchair equipment after checking personal wheelchairs. Checking and returning personal wheelchairs at the gate can be arranged. Depending upon the airport, delays may occur when delivering the wheelchair, especially for heavier powered models where normal ramp stairways cannot be used to carry the equipment into the jetway.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs can be checked at either the ticket counter or gate free of charge. Detachable items such as seat cushions and footrests may be carried onboard or tagged as baggage and stowed with the chair in the cargo bin. Please provide as much information as possible to the Sun Country representative to ensure proper transportation.

Powered Equipment, Including Carts & Wheelchairs 

Whenever the cart or wheelchair will fit upright through the aircraft bin door, powered equipment should not be disassembled, and batteries should remain attached. If the size of the aircraft bin door prohibits upright loading, airport personnel may ask for instructions on how to disassemble the equipment. Have these instructions readily available to avoid delays.

Batteries must be identified as either spillable or non-spillable to establish proper handling. Dry cell and gel cell batteries are considered non-spillable so fewer handling requirements are necessary. Battery packs showing cracks and/or damage will be packaged, handled and transported as a spillable battery.

Good To Know

  • For those passengers with special needs, Sun Country Airlines transports all types of wheelchairs, including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, electric powered wheelchairs, and electric powered carts. A minimum of one hour is required for check-in of any electrical equipment to ensure it meets all dangerous goods handling requirements.
  • Please note: that the maximum forward cargo door width on Sun Country's 737 aircraft is 48 inches and maximum door height is 35” inches. Maximum aft cargo door width on Sun Country's 737 is 48” inches and maximum door height is 33” inches, which may not accommodate all mobility devices.