Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Criteria for Traveling with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

During flight, you may only use portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) approved by the FAA. You must notify Reservations at least 48-hours before your departure, and will need to check-in with a Sun Country representative at the airport on the day of departure no later than one hour from departure to present the POC for inspection by a Sun Country representative.

Your POC must have a manufacturer's label attached indicating it has been approved for use on aircraft. If no label is present, our staff will make every effort to verify that the device has been approved for air travel.

The FAA no longer requires documentation from your physician to use your POC on the aircraft. For your safety, we recommend that you bring the manufacturers operating instructions and the completed Sun Country POC Checklist regarding the use of your POC. Click here for a printable POC Checklist pdf

Making a Reservation

Passengers should notify Sun Country Reservations of their intent to use a POC onboard by contacting us at 651-905-2737 (daily, 6am-11pm CT) or by submitting of their intent to use a POC onboard.  You may also use submit an accessibility request.

Submit a POC request

Sun Country Airlines will verify the following at check-in

  1. Whether the user is able to operate the device, recognize and respond appropriately to its alarms; and if not, that the user is traveling with a companion who is able to perform these functions.
  2. The phases of the flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing) during which use of the device is medically necessary.
  3. The maximum flow rate corresponding to the pressure in the cabin under normal operating conditions. (Cabins are pressurized to an altitude of 8,000 feet.)

Onboard the Aircraft

  • Passengers using a POC are responsible for carrying an adequate battery supply to last the entire journey including the duration of the flight, all ground time (before and after flight and during connections) and for unexpected delays.
  • The POC may only be used in its battery-operated mode. Sun Country Airlines does not have electrical outlets onboard available for commercial product use.
  • In accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Regulations, the customer using an approved POC during taxi, takeoff, and landing must be assigned a seat closest to the window than any other customer in that row. In many situations, the customer using the approved POC must be seated in a window seat to comply with the Safety Regulations. 
  • Pursuant to FAA Safety Regulations, a customer using a POC cannot occupy an emergency exit or seated in the first row (bulkhead).
  • Customers may use the POC while moving about the cabin as long as the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is not illuminated.

Good To Know

For a complete list of FAA-approved devices Sun Country Airlines allows customers to bring and use onboard, visit the FAA website. Alternative devices not listed must have a manufacturer's label present on the device indicating FAA-approval. This policy is in accordance with special airline regulation: SFAR No. 106, 14CFR Part 121.