In-flight Experience

When you fly Sun Country, you’ll experience incredible value, as well as exceptional customer service and amenities including comfortable seating with power outlets and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

Comfortable Seating
with Onboard Power

Sun Country aircraft are equipped with new, comfortable seats offering full-size tray tables and in-seat power. There are three seating options for travelers to choose from. Travelers can select their seat assignment in advance or a Standard seat will be assigned at check-in. Please note, amenities vary by aircraft.

  • Best: Best seats are in the forward section of the cabin and come with a generous 34 inches of legroom, a moveable headrest, an extra 150% of recline, and both USB charging ports and standard AC power outlets. Travelers in Best seats also receive preferred boarding and a complimentary premium beverage.
  • Better: Better seats give travelers a comfortable 32 inches of legroom, standard recline, and a full-size tray table. All Better seats are in the mid-section of the aircraft and feature USB charging ports.
  • Standard: Standard seats are consistent with most major U.S. airlines’ economy cabins and feature 29 to 30 inches of legroom, standard recline, full-size tray table, and USB charging ports.
In Cabin Front View

Onboard Food & Beverages

Sun Country is pleased to offer a variety of complimentary beverages, including water, coffee, tea, juices, and soda. In addition, several types of beer, wine, and liquor, as well as snacks and FlitebitesTM (snack boxes) are available for purchase. For the most up-to-date list of items available, see our menu card in your seatback.

Sun Country is proud to partner with our hometown partners to offer our guests a taste of Minnesota in flight. Our Minnesota-based in-flight menu items include:

Surly Furious IPA / Surly Brewing Co.
You do enough settling. That’s part of life. You owe it to yourself to drink a beer that doesn’t settle. Not settling drives Surly. It’s what drove Surly to convert a Brooklyn Center abrasives factory to a brewery in 2004. It’s what drove Surly’s owner, Omar Ansari, to go bar to bar, asking them to carry Surly beer. It’s what drove Surly to earn medals from the Great American Beer Festival and Best Brewery in America honors. It’s what drove Surly to change a Minnesota law that had been on the books since Prohibition. It’s what drove Surly to build a state-of-the-art destination brewery in the heart of the Twin Cities in 2014 featuring a massive beer hall, outdoor beer garden, Surly Pizza Upstairs, and event center. And it’s what drives Surly today. Surly’s not for everyone. It’s for you. Don’t settle. Get Surly.

Jack Links Beef Jerky
Founded by Jack Link in 1986, Jack Link’s Protein Snacks is the No. 1 meat snack brand worldwide. Proudly family owned and operated, the company is headquartered in Jack Link’s hometown of Minong, Wisconsin, where the company continues its legacy of crafting delicious, high-quality meat snacks. Jack Link’s offers more than 250 varieties of protein snacks, helping consumers everywhere Feed Your Wild Side™.

Sun Country accepts the following credit cards for onboard purchases: Visa®, MasterCard®, and Diners Club®. Please note that cash is not accepted.


Onboard Surly