Infants & Toddlers

An infant is defined as a child at least eight days old and less than two years of age. Infants less than eight days old are not allowed onboard any Sun Country flight. Travelers can purchase seats for infants or travel with them as lap-held infants at no charge.

The infant can be added to the reservation when booking online or by calling Reservations. Passengers traveling with lap-held infants must check-in with an agent at the airport ticket counter. 

Good To Know
The number of lap-held infants in a party cannot be greater than the number of adults on the reservation. If traveling with more infants than adults, seats must be purchased for the additional infants. Travelers should bring along a copy of the infant's birth certificate for age verification.

Child Safety

A seat must be purchased for all travelers two years of age and older. When a seat is purchased for an infant or young child, using an FAA-approved child restraint device (i.e., car seat) for safety is recommended; however, it is not required if the infant or young child is able to sit upright on his or her own and be secured with the aircraft seatbelt. Some child restraint devices have been banned by the FAA for use in planes, and many devices manufactured before the FAA's ban may still carry a symbol indicating they are approved for aircraft use. For a list of safety recommendations, visit the FAA website or call the agency's consumer information hotline at 800-FAA-SURE.

Child restraint systems are only permitted onboard when a ticket is purchased for the child. These items must be FAA-approved. No booster seats are permitted. Child restraint systems without the purchase of a ticket must be checked as baggage. Car seats and strollers may be transported as checked baggage at no additional charge.

Kid Asleep in Carseat

Child-restraint systems are not permitted in:

  • Any aisle seat
  • Emergency exit rows
  • Rows immediately in front of or behind the exit rows

The window seat is the best location for a child restraint system, although it may be placed in the middle seat if the window seat is vacant or if the restraint system does not block access to the aisle. If you are uncertain, the flight attendant can assist in determining if the middle seat is acceptable.

Good To Know

FAA regulations require any child who is two years of age or older to occupy his or her own seat during takeoff and landing.